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Welcome to Serranos Cleaning Services

Founded in 2000 providing services since then and continuing strong.  See more 


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  • ✔ 60 second booking
  • Basic cleaning
  • $140
    (Flat rate)
  • 1 bed/1 bath + kitchen and living room
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  • ✔ 60 second booking
  • Basic cleaning
  • $140
    (Flat rate)
  • 2 bed/1 bath + kitchen and living room
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  • ✔ 60 second booking
  • Maid Of The Day
  • $180
    (Hourly Services)
  • 2 Hours 2 cleaners all cleaning supplies included. each extra hour $90, half hour $45.
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About us

Founded in 2000 providing services since then and continuing strong. 

Experiance in services such as

Our Services

Recurring service (weekly, biweekly, monthly)
One-Time Cleaning
Occasional Cleaning
Move in Cleaning
Move out Cleaning
Eviction Cleaning
Hoarders clean up
Offices Cleaning
Business Cleaning
Warehouse cleaning
Deltal Offices Cleaning
Church Cleaning
Daycare Cleaning
Store Cleaning
Beauty Salon Cleaning
Barber Shop Cleaning
Clinics Cleaning
Floor Waxing
Carpet Cleaning

  • ✔ 60 second booking
  • Deep cleaning
  • $216
    (Flat rate)
  • 1 bed / 1 bath + Kitchen, 1 Living room (with refrigerator inside, dishwasher, oven inside) No cabinets inside.
  • BOOK
  • ✔ 60 second booking
  • Deep cleaning
  • $324
    (Flat rate)
  • 2 bed / 2 bath + Kitchen, 1 Living room (with refrigerator inside, dishwasher, oven inside) No cabinets inside.
  • BOOK
  • ✔ 60 second booking
  • Hourly Services
  • $432
    (4 hours 2 cleaners)
  • Team of 2 cleaners @ $108/hr (with a 24/hr notice)
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Frequent Asked Questions

Do you offer spring cleaning?
Yes we do.

Terms & Conditions

   Services need a 24 hr notice for any updates, changes, or scheduling.

Same day services cost more due to the urgency of the customer, and the last min scheduling to get you a team asap.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        


CALL TO CHECK, if we have specials of the month.
Or call/text to schedule a estimate in person. Send us your name, city, zip code and what type of service you are looking and request for a estimate in person via text. If there is a city fee, sometimes its due to the distance you are from us.

Monday 07:00 am - 05:30 pm
Tuesday 07:00 am - 05:00 pm
Wenesday 07:00 am - 05:00 pm
Thursday 07:00 am - 03:00 pm
Friday 07:00 am - 03:00 pm
Saturday 07:00 am - 03:00 am

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B Ginger

Thank you for your good service, Always a very good job.
Hourly services
A Joy R.

3 hour special with 2 cleaners. All i had to do was schedule with a customer near by to get a good special. Overall the experience and the communication was great. Thank you!

B Lisa

They do a wonderful job and are attentive to every little thing. The first time they came (for the deep cleaning) there were several of them and they spent hours. I was amazed when I saw how they cleaned everything, including my china cabinet, all the little pieces that needed dusting, all was spotless. I am totally pleased and would recommend. They come between 11 and two, we had set up 11 but they are often a few hours later. I dont think of it as late, I think of it as they are very busy and I am sure dont know how long each job will take. If I had an issue with it I would talk to them but the time they come is not important to me. I only mention this because another reviewer said they were late several times, to me, 11 is an estimate, not a set time. They are extremely sweet and always make the extra effort to make sure it looks amazing. I highly recommend them.

B Mike

Great experience with Serrano, they were on time and did an excellent job. Would use them again.

C Linda

This is the best cleaning service I have ever had! They were right on time and my house looks like new. They were very nice and very hard workers. I would refer them to every one


Maira and Alindra outstanding! I thought my tile needed to be professional needed Serranos!!! You cant beat a clean home with polite people to support you!!! Im about to be a REGULAR! I stink at cleaning and it was confirmed after I saw their work!

A Candy

I called and a lady helped answer all my questions over the phone. These ladies work hard at cleaning my 2000 sq ft home. I purchased the 4 hours deep cleaning package. They did not get through everything on the list but my bathrooms and kitchen look good. I did knock off a start because they showed up an hour later but the office manager called me advance to notify me that they were running behind. Overall for the price and service, I would call them again. Thanks Serranos Cleaning Services!

A Cynthia

I have been using Serranos for nearly two years and they do an amazing job! I was one of those people who was a little nervous about having my house cleaned by new people, but I am so thankful I found Serranos! They are very professional, they leave your house sparkling clean, they are very trustworthy, they even add their own little touches here and there which I love. We are busy people and thanks to Serranos my house is neat and clean at an affordable price. Since we hired them we have a lot more time to spend with our family, entertain friends, and enjoy life.

B Tamara

I am a busy working mother with twins. I was overwhelmed with keeping up with my house cleaning every weekend. It was taking a lot of time away from my children. I work during the week and definitely live for the weekends. I decided to hire a housekeeper to take the burden off my shoulders. I found Serranos Cleaning Services on Craigslist. I researched the internet and saw they had excellent reviews. My husband was reluctant t to spend any extra money on expenses such as hiring a housekeeper, but I told him this will give us more family time and a happy wife means a happy household. Plus, their prices are VERY reasonable and not overly priced like Molly Maid. Yesterday was their first cleaning at my house. When I came home from work I was excited to see how my house would look. I walked in and already smelled a clean house (I have 3 cats and 2 large dogs, therefore a clean smell is DEFINITELY nice to come home to). The bathrooms were absolutely spotless. They even cleaned around the base of the toilet, which a lot of people skip. The glass shower doors had zero residue on them. The sinks shined like they ve never shined before. The granite kitchen countertops no longer had that haze on them. Our stainless steel appliances no longer had fingerprints or streaks. I couldnt believe how clean the glass cooktop was! They must have a top notch vacuum because their vacuum fluffed up our carpet which felt so good on our bare feet. When my husband arrived he was skeptical at first, until he walked in the house and saw how clean it was. He gave me a big hug and told me he is totally on board now with having a housekeeper! I dont even clean as good as them, and Im picky clean! Thank you so much for the excellent service. I look forward to many days of coming home to pure bliss.

A Chris

Serranos cleaners are awesome. They are reliable and do a great job. Anytime I had extra requests they always tried to accommodate me. I really appreciate their flexibility and dependability.

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