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Business Owners / Duenos de Negocios Grow your cleaning business on CAPE Crece tu negocio de limpieza en CAPE Millions of people are looking for house cleaning services, add your business and show them why you are the best option. Millones de personas estan buscando por servicio de limpieza, agrega tu negocio de limpieza y muestrales por que tu eres la mejor opcion.

→ Memberships to know how to charge

→ Memberships that have the ability to set up a contract, reciepts, and estimates!

→ Availability for employee organization

→ Availability for expense organization

→ Availability to use calendar

→ Membrecia para saber cobrar

→ Memebrecia para enviar recibos e invoices y estimados

→ Organizacion de empleados

→Administracion de gastos e Ingresos

→ Calendario de citas

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