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NOTA: esta forma es para clientes no es para que usted sepa cuanto cobrar en su negocio, si usted quiere saber cuanto cobrar para su negocio de limpieza haga click aqui
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NOTA: esta forma es para clientes no es para que usted sepa cuanto cobrar en su negocio, si usted quiere saber cuanto cobrar para su negocio de limpieza haga click aqui

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Local Services Near me

WELCOME! Customers

You can call or text our agents between the hours of 10am - 6pm from Monday to Fridays. We are also open Saturdays at 10am - 3pm. California time frame.

Local Services Near me

How? Hmm..

We believe that finding any type of services requires certain basic qualities.

    Understanding of the type of service you are getting, and why it would be best for your needs will show character. Majority of companies will have paper to show the difference of their services.


    Price of the service should always be provided at the begining of any confirmation of serivce dates. To make sure both you as the customer and the company have a mutual understanding, a estimate in paper or in pdf via email is always recommended.

      Price on a estimate?

    Majority of companies will charge a fee for a on-site estimate, it is common if you live over 25 min away from their location.

    Local Services Near me


    Hourly is very simple, every cleaner has their own rules. So make sure to know as much as you can of their terms and conditions towards their cleaning.
    Here are some tips to understanding the Hourly Services.
        Time = Money

      Any min added outside of your original quote would be extra services. For example if you hired a cleaning company by hour and they send you a cleaner for 2 hours (equal to 120 min). If that cleaner needs 30 mins above your 2 hour time frame, you will be charged that fee.

        Being Present

      Very tricky service, if you have had that team come coninuously and you trust them not being present maybe fine. But its a risk.

      Being present allows for you to check the cleaning while your time frame is being provided, which means you can get them to come back to reclean a area that is your main top priority. So its done before your time frame is finished. This way what ever is left was your lest priority of what you needed.

      Not being present can cause many errors, or mistakes, or unfinished tasked to be completed. This will cause a feeling of disapointment towards the team and the company you hired.

        Less than 2 rooms

      If you only want one area of the home, the hourly would be best. Because in the hourly you can get the bathroom done, and if there is time, maybe get other things off your chest that you may not care if they are finished or not, but they helped with making your day a little easier

      If you want MORE than one area of the home, and require it to be done no matter what; then the hourly is not for you. On our quick faqs you'll see a Tip option of a Flat rate also known to customers as Fixed rates. We recommend you check out more information about that service and if the company offers it.

    Local Services Near me

    Flat Rate

    We believe a flat rate is the most transparent price you can get, on both ends. The satisfaction of a flat rate always about a 95% compared to a hourly service for any type of company you face.

      The flat rate requires a paper will the filling of the cost, and what is included. Majority of the times, its generated by rooms, and extras.

        Time = Money

      This price and any job is all about time. But for this situation, a flat rate is where the company themselves have to calculate how long their team will take, the expenses of expections from their manager to meet the goal and supervise their own team, the expenses of having them stay longer to check the home and virify the customer is happy. The expenses that come with a unhappy customer, and the time frame that the team will stay in case this happens.

      This is why customers will realize that the hourly is cheaper but not gurranteed. While a flat rate, the full responsibility will be on the companies experiance to determine the time the team will take. A high price on a flat rate vs a hourly will show experiance from the company. Believe it or not, in this situation the higher bidder means they are confident in their job.

      But we do recommend checking out our tips of how to find the right cleaner.

        Will the cost decrease?

      In a flat rate, the cost will never decrease unless you remove a big enough room to update the price.

      Price will increase if the condition of the home is bad or not picked up. Such as leaving clothing, boxes, food, containers, or not clearing flat commen surfaces (such as counter tops of restrooms, tables in the living room, counter tops of the kitchen).

    CAPE Local Services Near me

    CAPE Local Services Near me